Cla License Agreement

The CLA does not change the terms of the standard open source license used by our software such as MPL2 or MIT. You can continue to use our projects in your own projects or businesses, re-publish modified sources and much more. Please refer to the corresponding license for the project you are contributing to to find out more. Once the agreement is signed electronically, it must be verified by someone from Google. We check that there is no file agreement yet for your company and that it has been signed by someone with the required authorization. This usually takes a few days. Once it has been accepted, you will receive an email and it will be displayed in the “Agreements you have made” section on the agreements page. Some CLAs also require the contributor to grant a patent license that prevents the author of a contribution to the open source project from subsequently claiming patent infringements on the basis of the contribution. Google Individual CLA is an example of a contribution agreement, including a patent license. Patent licensing.

Subject to the terms of this contract, you grant HashiCorp and the recipients of software marketed by HashiCorp, by this, to render, use, use, offer, sell, import and transfer a worldwide patent license, not exclusive, free, free, irrevocable (except as stated in this section) if such a license applies only to your contributions or by combining your contributions with the work to which such contributions have been made Subject. When a company enters patent litigation against you or another organization (including a cross-report or counter-action in a lawsuit) that claims that your contribution or the work to which you contributed constitutes a direct or contributory patent infringement, all patent licenses granted to the organization for that contribution or work under this agreement are void as of the date of that date. where such a dispute is brought. Even without CLA, open source projects can use the guidelines of popular online code repositories such as GitHub. GitHub projects can benefit from the standard “inbound-outbound” contribution policy under GitHub`s terms of use. In accordance with this directive, the contributor agrees to grant the contribution on the same terms when a contributor contributes to a GitHub deposit containing a license notification.

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