Collective Agreement Public Service Malta

Speaking to those present, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the government`s goal was to be a model employer. The country is reaching new employment records and the government wants to ensure quality jobs and careers that meet workers` expectations. “This is an important collective agreement, because while the wages and conditions of about 30,000 workers are being improved, it is a sign of the progress made in our country,” said the Prime Minister. Staff can use the Departmental Conflict Resolution Services (DIER). Collective agreements may provide a better right to parental leave under these regulations (e.g.B. Public service workers are entitled to a maximum of one year of parental leave for each child). There are no legal obligations setting quotas for women`s membership on public and private sector boards. The NCPE has created a list of qualified women to identify qualified women in different fields by listing the qualifications, experience and skills of professional women, which can be a useful tool for their examination in boards, committees and other decision-making positions. In addition, a tutoring program was launched in May 2016 to help women seeking leadership positions. A study published in December 2015 on gender representation in decision-making has shown that, although women are under-represented in board and decision-making positions, the majority of women still feel they are working in an environment conducive to gender equality. The Employment and Industrial Relations Act 2002 (EIRA) defines a “service contract” and an “employment contract” as “an agreement (other than oral or written activity as a family member) in one way or another, whereby a person agrees to bury an employer or work for an employer and, with respect to the terms of employment, a training contract.” This definition recognizes that an oral agreement is legally applicable. However, in cases where no written employment contract has been signed between the worker and the employer, the employer is required to give the worker a signed statement indicating the basic terms of employment in accordance with Note 431 of 2002 – Information to Employees Regulations, 2002. The signed declaration should contain the following information: start date of employment; The trial period Normal pay rates overtime rates of wages payable; Normal work schedules Periodic wages; In the case of a fixed or fixed employment contract, the expected or agreed duration of the contract; Paid leave and leave, sick leave and other leave to which the worker is entitled; The conditions under which the employer can impose fines; The title, rank, type or category of work for which the worker is employed; The notice periods to be met by the employer and the worker, if this is the case; If so, the collective agreement on the worker`s working conditions; and any other relevant or applicable employment condition.

The signed declaration or employment contract must be issued within eight working days of the start of employment (or from the day the employment contract begins).

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