Customs Broker Agency Agreement

“Canada,” the Canada Border Services Agency, any other authority and authority that has succeeded the Government of Canada or any province responsible for imports and exports. “Customer”: any person, company, association or company on demand or on whose behalf the customs broker makes a transaction or provides advice, information or services, directly or indirectly. “Customs broker”: the person; Businesses or businesses that are licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency or another authorized agency for the activity of a customs broker. “Tariffs”: all customs duties, taxes and taxes on goods imported under the Customs Act, customs tariff, excise law, excise law, special import law or other customs laws, excluding penalties, interests or fines imposed under any of the above acts or customs laws. “withdrawal,” any payment made by the customs broker on behalf of the customer for all goods or services that are made to facilitate the importation and export of goods, but which are not limited to customs duties, taxes, freight, storage, penalties, interest and fines and other payments, including payments on goods made on COD shipments made by the customs broker on behalf of the customer; “services,” the customs brokerage services listed in Schedule A, to which the client and the customs broker agree. Brokerage prices are based on available quantities. The volume is checked every six months from the date the account is activated to ensure that our mutual agreement is respected. Prices can be adjusted for actual volume and can be changed without notice. All prices are listed in the Canadian Funds. I also authorize my lawyer to appoint any other person who has obtained a customs broker`s licence under customs law, as a sub-agent, to carry out the above transaction on my behalf with one of the aforementioned customs offices.

and to revoke such an appointment and to designate any other person holding a sub-agent`s licence in place of a sub-agent whose appointment has been revoked, because, according to my counsel, it is appropriate from time to time. 6. Confidence in information is furnished. (a) the client acknowledges that he is required to verify all documents and statements established and/or filed with customs, another government authority and/or third parties and will immediately notify the company of any errors, inconsistencies, inaccurates or omissions in a statement filed on behalf of the client; (b) when filing and transmitting customs declarations, export declarations, applications, documents and/or export data to the United States and/or a third party, the company relies on the accuracy of all documents, written or electronic, and on any information provided by the customer; The customer will exercise due diligence to ensure the accuracy of all this information and the company of any claim and/or liability or loss claimed that, as a result of the customer`s non-disclosure of information or a false or false statement of the customer on which the company reasonably relied, binds and binds.

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