Guarantor For Rental Agreement Ontario

Subject to paragraph (2), at the expiry of a tenancy agreement, the lessor and the tenant are considered, for a fixed term, as monthly leases on the same terms as those stipulated in the expired tenancy agreement. Hello, Michael, my daughter is a third student in Peterborough, Ontario. She`s been in an apartment for two years, but is moving to a new place with 3 friends in early May. The new owner requires each of the 4 to have a parent sign as a guarantor. The lease stipulates that the rent is $2,200 per month. It is not broken down by anyone. On the page I have to sign, it says: “I agree to be the guarantor of this lease and to assume responsibility for all the obligations agreed for the tenant of the number mentioned above.” I mean I am responsible for my own child, but I am concerned because the agreement states that tenants are responsible for the damage caused by themselves or their guests. How would a situation like this work if there were four guarantors? The other three parents have already signed the lease. My daughter paid her own rent for two years, but I would help her if she needed it. I simply do not want to sign a legal document that could make me liable for damages or non-payment of rent by the other 3 tenants. Should I be worried? Thank you for your time. Karen Hi: I have to say it`s a strange one.

I have not yet heard of an owner who refuses several leases. The more tenants there are, the more security there is for the performance of rental obligations. Based on what you say, either your daughter is the tenant or her boyfriend is the tenant. No problem if all goes well. It`s hard to know which side they want to be on when things go wrong. If you are the tenant, the other person is just a roommate and you can fire him. You also have no direct responsibility to the landlord for the rent or anything else. The roommate could theoretically simply move and not be responsible for the unit.

But from another point of view, the roommate could be asked to leave the country if she is not ready to leave. To deal with this uneven relationship, you should consider designing a roommate contract that contractually defines what is expected of each party (i.e.dem non-tenant and tenant). Take care of everything from renting to customers to damage to accommodation (including guests). Perhaps the simplest roommate agreement is to design a contract, says the girls agree to treat the place as if they were common tenants, that they agree to enjoy the same benefits as the common tenants and that they share the risk as if they were common tenants. Then add something to how they will terminate their rental relationship with the landlord. As for the legal liability of a foreigner as a guarantor —nie. That is not a good idea. You don`t have any technical (legal) control over the device (even with the roommate contract – you only have a good deed) although the warranty makes you responsible for what happens there, even if your daughter moves. Good luckMichael K.

E. Thiele I want to unsubscribe as a tenant`s guarantor. what is the procedure Hello Michael, thank you for this service. My question is about the rights of guarantors, if at all. When my father took an apartment 4 years ago, the owner asked me to be my father`s guarantor. We both signed the lease, him as a tenant and me as a guarantor. My father moved into a seniors` residence and I asked the superintendent if I could keep the apartment? I was told that I could apply and that the rent would be $1,000 a month higher. Does that sound fair to you? Would it help if you checked the lease? Thank you! Hello: If the unit is a student residence, it is possible (probably even) that the housing law does not apply.

In these circumstances, careful consideration of the contract is necessary, as the law on rental housing does not provide the legal framework for the relationship.

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