Independent Contractor Consultant Agreement

g) survival. Therefore, the provisions of this agreement, which, because of its nature and content, are intended to survive the performance of this agreement, apply to the execution and termination of this agreement and to any other agreement between Consultant and The Company. Without restricting the universality of the above, Articles 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 17 of this agreement remain thus. (i) the ownership of confidential information. All confidential information and derivatives (as defined below) remain the property of the entity and no licenses or other confidential information are granted or implied. For the purposes of this agreement, “derivatives” are defined as: (i) for copyrighted or copyrighted material, any translation, reduction, revision or other form in which an existing work can be remodeled, transformed or adapted; (ii) for patentable or patented materials, any improvement of this material; and (iii) for material protected by trade secrets, any new material from these existing trade secrets, including new material that may be protected by copyright, patents and/or trade secrets. At the request of the entity: (a) consultants are immediately provided to the company all written or electronic copies of confidential information, derivatives and other written or electronic copies of material containing or reflecting confidential information or derivatives, and (b) documents, memorands and notes produced by consultants on the basis of confidential information will be destroyed and the advisor will provide the company with an act of destruction. The consultant immediately returns any tangible confidential information, including, but not limited, to all computer programs, documents, notes, plans, drawings and copies, in what format or medium, on written request from the company. (a) the advisor provides all services as an independent contractor of the business; and nothing of what it contains is considered an association, a partnership, joint venture or relationship between the client and the licensee or the captain or the captain or employer or employee between the company and the consultant or one of its partners, employees or subcontractors of the contractor, or to a Derpartei the right, power or power, explicit or implied, made available to the other party to create such an obligation or on behalf of the other party.

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