Joint Product Development Agreement Template

E. Advertising. The contracting parties agree that all public communications and notices regarding the formation and existence of this agreement will be planned and coordinated jointly by and between the parties. Neither party will disclose any of the specific terms of the agreement to third parties, without the prior written consent of the other party, to third parties whose approval cannot be disproportionately denied. Notwithstanding the above, any party may disclose information relating to this agreement, as required in the rules, orders, orders, subpoenas or directives of a court, government or government authority, after first informing the other party. In order to allocate IUI resources optimally and ensure the success and effectiveness of the development process, it is important to have a buy-in and support based on the program and its leadership. C. Developer (District of Columbia Patent Agent) provides the Site Owner (Global Patent Protection Co.) with the technical information of the Developer (District of Columbia Patent Agent) in Schedule A and which the Developer (District of Columbia Patent Agent) deems appropriate for the joint development activities provided in this document. D. After receiving the design rules and technical information mentioned above by Developer (District of Columbia Patent Agent), Site Owner (Global Patent Protection Co.) and Developer (District of Columbia Patent Agent), the joint technology will be developed jointly in accordance with Schedule B.

16 specifications. INTÉGRATION This agreement constitutes the full understanding of the contracting parties and withdraws and replaces all previous agreements between the parties and is intended to be the definitive expression of their agreement. It is amended or amended only if it is signed in writing by the parties and specifically refers to this agreement. This agreement prevails over all other documents that may conflict with this agreement. 8. RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES The relationship between Site Owner (Global Patent Protection Co.) and Developer (District of Columbia Patent Agent) under this agreement is that of independent contractors and cannot be either joint venture, franchisee, franchisee, partner, broker, employee, servant, agent or representative of the other for any use.

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