Microsoft Direct Csp Agreement

All Cloud Solution Provider partners (including indirect suppliers, indirect resellers and direct accounting partners) can sign the MPA online at the Partner Center. Direct billing partners and indirect suppliers operating in the Government Cloud can also sign the MPA at the Partner Center. To make it easier for you to switch to MPA, Microsoft offers you the opportunity to continue operating under conditions identical to your indirect resilience conditions, but only until January 31, 2020 or (ii) the date your company executes the MPA. Resello`s Microsoft CSP specialists are closely following the introduction of the new Microsoft partnership agreement. We will keep our partners informed of all relevant information in the coming months and will advise and assist our partners in the adoption of the new agreement. If you have any further questions at this stage, please contact us. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement must be accepted by indirect resellers by November 1, 2020 to ensure that your ability to create new customers or abandon new orders for existing CSP customers is not disrupted. The microsoft partnership agreement provides Microsoft partners with a unique and digitally accepted partnership agreement. The microsoft partnership agreement contains an essential set of ongoing conditions that help Microsoft, its partners and customers support data protection and security, promote compliance and promote sound business practices. Can I enter my foreign subsidiaries? It depends on that. The CSP program is divided into geographical regions worldwide. You can enter your foreign sites or companies under the same CSP agreement if they are located in the same geographic area as the one where the CSP agreement is signed.

One such region is, for example, the EU/EFTA or LATAM region. Here you`ll find an overview of the geographic regions defined by Microsoft. Once you have verified that you are meeting the minimum registration requirements as a direct billing partner, you can continue with the registration form. You must accept the agreement before or on January 31, 2020 in order to continue to complete transactions (MPA acceptance is required for all CSP program partners to make transactions (i.e. add new subscriptions or add seats to existing subscriptions) through the Partner Centre API or user interface (also known as the Partner Centre Dashboard). Register your business as an indirect reseller in the Cloud Solution Provider program. The agreement can be previewed from July 31. As of September 1, PSC partners will be able to accept the agreement. Indirect resellers must accept Microsoft`s partnership agreement if they connect to the partner center dashboard to access CSP customers. Microsoft`s online subscription program is the general way for small organizations to acquire Microsoft Cloud Services. This is the agreement that is used when customers log in online and use their credit cards to purchase services.

In this way, companies can add and remove licenses as required by the company, but customers do not have a direct option for support or receive quantity discounts. New Microsoft Partnership Agreement for CSP Direct Bill Partners, CSP Indirect Resellers and D.CSP Indirect Suppliers You will need to re-register as a new indirect reseller in the CSP program in the Partner Center. Who do I pay? The CSP supplier is the partner you order and charge for. You support the payment of cloud subscriptions with Microsoft, directly or through a Microsoft distributor, if your CSP partner is an “indirect CSP” partner. But nothing should worry you, your cloud solution provider is the only partner you`re dealing with.

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