Safety Deposit Box Lease Agreement

Filmmakers love safes much more than bankers. On film, they are an essential tool for spies – Jason Bourne, for example, recovered money and passports from a Swiss box using a device implanted in his hip – and a magnet for smart thieves. Cinematic burglars searched secure chests by tunneling (“The Bank Job,” “The Bank Job”), drilled through a wall (“Sexy Beast”), alarms (“the king of thieves”), taken hostages (“Inside Man”) or simply lowered the doors (“The Dark Knight”). “All the big national banks would prefer to be out of the security business,” said Jerry Pluard, president of Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, a small Chicago-based company that runs the boxes. “They see it as a legacy service that`s not strategic for everything they do, and they`ve stopped focusing or resources on it.” He estimates that about half of the country`s coffers are empty. Chinese citizens with valid identity cards, passports and other identity documents, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, foreign citizens, businesses and institutions or social organizations, with a letter of recommendation if they voluntarily sign a leasing agreement with the Bank of China, could apply for a security credit service. To rent a safe, the tenant must first ask the Bank of China using the real name, valid address and relevant certificates, complete the boxing rental contract in two copies, one of which is kept by the tenant, pay the tenancy and deposit, reserve a stamp or fingerprint, complete the rental procedures , receive two secure keys made available to the tenant. and the safe will be ready to use. For more details on Box Lease Agreement and associated handling procedures, please receive a request from the local agency that manages the safe business. No regulator formally accounts for customer losses in safes. Pluard, who tracks legal records and information reports, estimates that some 33,000 cases are damaged each year by accidents, natural disasters and thefts. He often gets calls from people who are fighting their bank for compensation. “I tell them it`s hard, almost impossible,” he said.

“What drives bank behaviour is regulatory oversight, and none of the supervisory authorities are attentive to safes. It falls through the cracks. When banks do something out of place, it is very difficult for customers to get some kind of relief.├é┬áDuring our bank`s working hours, the tenant or rental unit can go to the counter with the security key to carry out the open transactions, and with the seal or fingerprint of the copy, the tenant can enter the warehouse to deposit or remove items.

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