Schwab Options Agreement

Options are high risk and not suitable for all investors. Some requirements must be met in order to exchange options about Schwab. Covered calls offer downward protection only to the extent of the premium received and limit the potential for increase to the strike price plus the premium received. With long options, investors can lose 100% of the funds invested. Multi-leg option strategies include multiple commissions. Spread trading must be done in a margin account. Please read the options disclosure document entitled Features and Risks of Standardized Options. Before we are responsible for buying/selling/transferring/depositing securities that: (a) “limited securities” or securities of an issuer of which they are the “subsidiary” (as defined in Rule 144/144 b) 1 of the Securities Act of 1933); (b) securities purchased or sold under Rule 701, Rule 144A, Regulation D or Regulation S under This Act; or (c) securities that you and the issuer or its insurer have entered into an agreement limiting the portability of these securities (the penny-shares/microcap securities not subject to a national stock exchange are required to go through the acceptance verification process), you agree to inform us of the status of your limited/controlled/micro-funds securities; including any restrictions (including contractual blocking or blackout restrictions) on your ability to purchase/sell/transfer/deposit such securities and to provide without delay all the information and documents we need to meet our regulatory obligations. Once you buy an option contract, there are three different things you can do with: in case of dispute or disagreement (i) between or between several account holders, including, but not limited to, common or several tenants, agents or authorized agents, (ii) between or between beneficiaries, or a dispute regarding the good beneficiaries of your account or (iii) regarding the assets in your account, including a dispute between registered or actual beneficiaries of the account: You agree that we may place the trade, payment or other restrictions on your account that Schwab deems necessary, but that we are not required to place them as long as Schwab deems it necessary until such controversy or disagreement is resolved or until Schwab can register the assets of your account and/or any other legal action relating to your account. You agree to comply with such a restriction and not to initiate trades or transactions that would be contrary to a restriction of your account. Once your option position has been set up (open), it`s a good idea to keep an eye on its value and trend to know what to do when it comes to unfolding. Are you already a customer? Sign up to apply for option permission.

Schwab has tools to help you find potential options for trading ideas: How many options? There are many factors that determine the price of an option. For the following examples, we use hypothetical option prices for simplicity reasons. To open a Schwab account, you close an account application. When we approve your account request, we will open a cash account for you and act as a broker to buy and sell securities on your behalf based on your instructions. Unless we provide you with other written provisions, Schwab does not control your accounts or investments and is not required to update an investment recommendation, financial advice or financial plan that we make available to you. Such a recommendation, financial advice or financial plan only applies when we make it available to you. When transferring assets from another company, please note that we do not accept or comply with oral or written instructions from you regarding the purchase or sale of securities prior to our actual receipt of your assets and at the end of the transfer process.

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