Series A Agreement

3.11 Respect for other instruments. Die Gesellschaft nicht gegen gegen eine Klausel ihrer Charterdokumente, die jeweils in der jeweils ge-nderten Fassung ge-ndert werden. The company is not in violation or in late payment under a provision of mortgages, collections, contracts, leases, contracts, instruments or contracts to which it is or is bound by a party, or a judgment, decree, decision or letter that would significantly affect the activity, assets, real estate or financial situation of the company. The performance, supply and execution of this contract and the corresponding agreements, as well as the issuance and sale of the shares in accordance with this Agreement and charter conversion actions, do not lead to such a breach with or without delay or without notice, nor in contradiction with such a provision or in the event of default. , or create mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, charges or charges on any of the company`s real estate or assets or on the suspension, available, available, cancellation, expiry or non-renewal of a licence, license, authorization or authorization that applies to the business, its activities or any of its assets or real estate. 3.7 Obligations to related parties. With the exception of related agreements and planned transactions, there is no obligation of the company to the executives, directors, shareholders or employees of the company, except (a) for the payment of the salary of the services rendered, (b) reimbursement of reasonable expenses on behalf of the company and (c) for other standard benefits to workers generally made available to all employees (including stock option agreements) that are implementation of an action option plan approved by the Board of Directors). In other means that are not in possession of shares of a shareholder of the company that is itself a limited liability company or company, none of the executives, directors or, to the best of the knowledge of the companies, employees or key shareholders of the company or members of their direct family company, is guilty of the company or has no direct or indirect interest in a company or company. , to which the company is related or with which it has a business relationship, a company or a company in competition with the company, with non-passive interests in listed companies (less than 1% of that company) likely to compete with the company, and (ii) venture capital fund investments to which the directors of the company may be associated and , as members of a company`s executive board, are active due to a membership in a venture capital fund or a similar institutional investor in that company. No official, director or shareholder or any member of his immediate family is directly or indirectly interested in a substantial contract with the company (with agreements other than those related to it and related agreements, as well as transactions and other related contracts relating to persons relating to the ownership of a stock of capital or other securities of the company). 6.1 Applicable legislation.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California and is interpreted in all respects, as these laws apply to agreements between California residents that are fully concluded and implemented within California, without the rules of the law being in conflict. (d) for the purposes of points b) and (c) above, all proposed liabilities, liabilities, agreements, instruments, contracts and transactions involving the same person or entity (including individuals or entities whose entity has reason to believe they are related) are aggregated to meet the minimum amounts set in these dollar subsections.

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