Stallion Service Agreement

By providing a booking fee, the owner of the stallion can plan mare visits. A steady stream of customers will help the management of the breeding and the stallion. This agreement has a number of features that must help avoid frequent litigation. If you have a good stallion, you will want to be sure that mares are likely to produce good offspring, especially for the early years, so that the results of early progeny can be used to promote the stallion at higher fees later on. To the extent that a legal agreement is possible, this document contains guarantees that the mare is fit and healthy. Mare owners may often be concerned about value for money, especially when service charges are high or when no foals are born. A stallion owner should clearly expose the information to the levy and distinguish between service and care costs, such as. B painting and veterinary fees. If the mare does not become pregnant or if no live foal is born, it is more likely that the mare`s owner will understand how the paying damage was caused.

This agreement uses a budget to clearly define the different tariffs. This agreement contains free return conditions (recidivism service in case of non-pregnancy) that protect both owners. It indicates the date on which the mare must not be in the foal to qualify for a free return. It also involves a veterinarian checking the mare`s fertility if she does not become pregnant after the first season. No breeder can guarantee that a mare will become pregnant, especially within a specified time frame. This standard service contract helps establish reasonable expectations between the two parties, helps minimize disputes over the terms of the agreement and limits the liability of the standard owner. This agreement is suitable for arrangements where the mare is animated with the stallion for live service or when the mare is artificially inseminated on the site of the stallion owner. This document is written in plain English, so it is easy to edit. Although each party can adapt it to its advantage, because it is the owner of the stallion who generally needs more protection, we expect it to be used by someone who has decided to keep a stallion foal and put on mares. “I needed a deal and Google, as always, was where I was going. I found the Net Lawman site and at first I thought I needed a couple type of deal, but the lodger one was absolutely perfect.

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