Subject Verb Agreement Cu Tep

The technique of making the verb “error identification” verb Defect is the most common subject – the verb chord, tensions, .finite or non-verbal verb, the voice poorly molded, the poorly molded verb, such as the use of v.2 instead of v.3, or vice versa. From the observation of each subject and each verb, because this verse contains two overlapping subsets, linked by the relative pronoun, beginning with the theme “My English grade” which has 2 verbs, 1. Was not deserved by the relative pronoun “das” the sentence instead of “My English grade” 2. Theme is “My English grade” singular, so the option must be changed in verse 2 to accept with the subject. This is the subject of the verb, note that there is no real verb, but the auxiliary adverb “must” and adverb “early”, so that the sentence is fulfilled, verb must be filled between the must and early. This will be filled as “… they have to leave early in the morning… No timer There are no votes. I`m wrong, you can answer again. Measure of skill: knowledge of grammar and sentence structure (1) Allowing the Netherlands to discover an apparent torture site (3) hidden in containers of boats covered with (4) soundproofing equipment and filled with alleged torture devices, said the country`s national prosecutor`s office.

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