Gazetted Agreement Meaning

2.1 This agreement begins when it enters into force and, unless terminated earlier under this agreement, is maintained for the duration. This contract can be renewed by agreement between the publisher and the customer, by the execution of a new order form and subject to payment of the royalty by the customer to the publisher. 9.2 None of the parties will use, copy, modify, modify, disclose or share, directly or indirectly, information or data of the other, which is disclosed or otherwise held to the other, directly or indirectly, under this Agreement, copy, modify, modify, disclose or share in part with the possession of information or data of other persons that are disclosed or otherwise disclosed, the terms and conditions of this agreement, trade secrets, drawings, know-how, techniques, source code and object code, commercial and commercial plans and projections, agreements and agreements with third parties, customer information, formulas, suppliers, concepts that are not reduced to material forms , projects, plans, models and information made available to the customer in accordance with this agreement, as well as any information contained or not contained in the product, provided they are not classified as confidential or classified as confidential. unless this is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of its obligations or the exercise of its rights under this agreement. if this obligation does not apply to information which: 9.6 This contract and the order sheet constitute the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the provision of the product and relay all previous agreements and transactions relating to that purpose. Each change is made in writing and signed by the authorized signatories for both parties. 9.8 If a provision or part of this agreement is found to be invalid, an amendment to that agreement may be made by agreement between the parties by adding or removing the text in order to remove the invalid or disabling provision, while otherwise maintaining the provision and other provisions of this Agreement to the extent as permitted as possible by the existing legislation. 1.1 The words mentioned in this clause have the following meaning in this agreement: 4.4 The payment of the payment tax is an essential clause of this agreement. Other information contained in the Gazette that personal data will be reusable in accordance with the terms of the government open license v.03 and, by accepting these terms and conditions, data service customers accept the terms of this license that you will find here. “Gazette Logo Reuse Policy,” the terms of use of the gazette logo, available online in; (a) the other party contravenes a clause in this Agreement, and such an offence is not likely to remedy the situation, or such an offence may remedy it and has not been corrected within 28 days of the announcement by the party who has not been raped; 2.4 In the event that the publisher makes excerpts of its right to terminate in accordance with point 2.3, the publisher reimburses the customer for the portion of the royalty that relates to the pro-rata of the un delivered product. In this context, the decision on the amount reimbursed is made by the publisher at its sole discretion.

“sub-period,” the period indicated by the subscription to point 1 of the order sheet; “Publisher” refers to the Stationery Office Limited with the registered business number 03049649, which acts in accordance with the concession contract awarded by the National Archives. “product”: the electronic information that the publisher must provide to the customer in accordance with Article 3 of the order sheet; These digital certificates are issued by a certifier, by the comptroller of certification bodies, by the Government of India.2.2 A digital certificate is issued after receipt of the required identity (i.e.:

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