Green Dot Deposit Account Agreement

Careful. They agree not to violate U.S. laws, including, but not limited to, economic sanctions managed by the U.S. Treasury`s Office of Foreign Assets Control. You cannot use your account or account-related service to process gambling transactions on the Internet or to perform activities that would be contrary to current law. If we are unsure of the legality of a transaction, we may refuse the transaction or freeze the amount while we consider the matter. Daily cash deposits. You can pay up to $3000 in cash per day. There is no deposit limit for ACH deposits. eligibility. All account holders have the right to earn interest on the main account. Please note that envelopes also earn interest that is tracked separately from the main account.

For more information, see section 6.a. The main account will automatically earn interest under the terms in this case, without any further action on your part. In order for interest to be credited to your main balance, your account (i) must be in good condition (for example.B. not irrelevant for a fraud case) and (ii) open. Otherwise, you do not receive interest accrued since your previous cycle return (as defined in footnote 3 of section 2.a. below, “Statement Cycle”). Conflicting requests/disputes. If there is uncertainty about the ownership of an account or its funds, or the authenticity or legitimacy of a transaction related to your account, we may, at our sole discretion, freeze the account and refuse transactions until we conduct an investigation to resolve the matter to our satisfaction.

If you discover an error, forgery, change or other unauthorized activity that includes transfers to your account via your routing and direct payment number, you must notify us immediately by phone and without delay of the relevant facts, including a description of the transaction or error and the identity of a presumed perpetrator, at (888) 463-4661. Website terms and conditions and end-user licensing agreement for the QuickBooks.Terms of use for QuickBooks and QuickBooks App Licensing Agreement (applicable “QuickBooks”) apply to your access and use of the QuickBooks app and website. Either Green Dot or Intuit have the right to terminate your access or use of your account via the QuickBooks app and website, with or without notice, or to suspend them if you violate the QuickBooks agreement. Other agreements. Perhaps you have another agreement with us on this account which, by its terms, will replace all or part of this agreement. For example, some provisions of your other agreements with us (for example. B regarding our online services) may cover some of the terms of the agreement as long as they are inconsistent. general. You can use our bank transfer service to transfer money from another bank account from a U.S.

financial institution to your account (your Cash QuickBooks account) issued by Green Dot Bank.

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