Vehicle Use Agreement Company Vehicles

We may dismiss a staff member and/or take legal action for more serious offences. This may include renting a company car for personal financial benefits or the cause of an accident during the intoxicating ride. We want to make sure that all our employees are safe at work and respect the legality of our company. For these reasons, we do so: this directive concerns all our employees who have the right to obtain a company car and those who drive one as part of their daily work. Companies are responsible for tickets when they are issued against the vehicle. If they are issued to an employee, the employee is responsible for the payment. Our company car policy describes our policies for the use of company cars. A “company car” is any vehicle that our company assigns to employees to cover their transportation needs for their workstations. Functional cars are part of our company and we want to make sure our employees use them properly. When an employee uses a corporate vehicle for personal use, it is a taxable ancillary benefit. Personal use includes commuting to and from work, running groceries or the possibility for a spouse or family member to use the vehicle.

At Toyota Fleet Management, driver safety is a top priority. One of our main objectives is that each partner also takes care of its drivers. With many years of fleet management experience, we provide fleet advice to help you define the right policies to protect your business and staff from work-related road accidents. Talk to our fleet management experts. Improved driver behaviour results in a 15% reduction in vehicle fuel consumption materials, such as brakes, tires and suspensions. ForceField Telematics is an electronic logbook approved by aTO for FBT purposes. The usage data collected can also be used to support fuel tax credits (if applicable). Employees must fill out a form and file a copy of their driver`s license in order to qualify for a company car. In this section, you need to define the requirements that each employee must meet to use a company car. Some requirements must be taken into account: a directive on company vehicles or a contract for the use of company vehicles defines employees eligible for a vehicle in the company`s fleet. In addition, the qualification requirements for a company car, the basic rules that employees must follow for the use of company vehicles and disciplinary measures for the misuse of vehicles are presented. Clock Rating – Determine the value of a vehicle by multiplying each single-use trip by $1.50.

[Company name] will make reasonable arrangements to facilitate the use of company vehicles for legitimate employees with disabilities. According to an NSW government report in 2019, work-related road accidents account for nearly 30% of workplace deaths.

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