What Is Membership Agreement Meaning

There are members who have been deprived of the payment of the monthly membership fee. From time to time, we can send you emails containing information about activities on the platform, including new locations and the progress of existing ones. Such emails we send you are not investment advice or recommendations. From time to time, we may also send you emails about your membership, pitches or investments, our business, this agreement or other matters that we reasonably believe are relevant to you. We will do our best to ensure that these emails are relatively rare, but we can send you such emails at our discretion. Members are entitled to the benefits that the association provides under the current membership conditions. A member`s access rights to the benefits of the membership plan may be suspended if the member does not make contributions to the membership plan or otherwise does not follow the procedures and guidelines that the membership plan may adopt from time to time. The membership plan sends a written notice to the member`s last known address or email address regarding an event that could constitute a termination of membership, and the member has 10 calendar days to heal and repair the event. If the association`s steering committee decides that an additional budget is required for the administration, an additional fee may be collected by the members. To seek capital for a company that uses the platform, you need to follow the process described in the corresponding section of the platform. This process requires you to answer a number of questions about your business, as well as evidence to support some of these answers, and it will also allow you to download some video and other files if you wish. You can also determine how much capital you are looking for for the business and what percentage of equity you offer in exchange for that capital. Parking space remains active for a period of time, as indicated in the pitch agreement described in paragraph 16.3.

If you leave your subscription in accordance with paragraphs 19.1 or 19.2 or if you are suspended in accordance with paragraph 19.3 below, you will no longer be able to use the platform. If, at the time of termination or suspension, you have transferred money for a location but the share allocation is not yet complete, that money will be kept in your GCEN balance to withdraw, subject to the GCEN fee.

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