City Of Caldwell Development Agreement

April Cabello – Planning Technician Phone: 208-455-4667 Email: Jené Price Phone: 208-455-4625 Email: (1) Subject to subsection 09-01-17(3) of this section, Canyon County directs before amending a Canyon County by-law, the proposed amendments at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the first Canyon County public hearing, which takes into account such changes, to the City of Caldwell for review and comment, apply in the Caldwell Area of The Impact on the City, as set forth in section 09-01-19 of this section. Any further notification of the proposed amendments to the proposal will be communicated to the Town of Caldwell at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. (4) Transmission of Final Document: After final action has been taken with respect to all proposed amendments to the comprehensive plan and/or zoning by-law or county subdivision rules, Canyon County shall notify the Municipality of Caldwell of such final action by providing the Municipality of Caldwell with a copy of all final documents reflecting the actions taken by canyon County. (05-013, 6-1-2005) (3) The following by-laws of the Town of Caldwell apply, even if they are contrary to the provisions of the county otherwise applicable: Lori Colligan – Administrative Assistant Telephone: 208-455-4664 E-mail: (2) Planned Unit Developments: All proposed unit developments shall be dealt with in accordance with this Code and to be dealt with in accordance with subsection 09-01-17 (3) of this section. As Mayor Nancolas and the appointed officials have recently established, no public hearings will be held in December 2020 before the Planning & Zoning Commission/Hearing Examiner or Caldwell City Council. The December 2020 City Council meetings will continue as scheduled on December 7 and 21 to manage important urban business issues. Debbie Root – Senior Planner Phone: 208-455-3021 Email: During this decade of prosperity, other sustainable and inspiring buildings have been built in Caldwell. A new Canyon County Courthouse replaced the old wooden structure of Twelfth Street and Belmont Street in 1906. It was a two-story building with an artistic clock tower and a Greek-inspired pediment and columns that surround the entrance. Decorated with brick and sandstone, the Caldwell Depot, completed in 1907, was designed according to the standard plans of the Union Pacific Railroad with classical architectural ornaments. This year, Caldwell executives chose the architectural firm Tourtelotte and Hummel, the same company as the Idaho State Capitol, to design a “signature” town hall. This seat of government of the city was to be held in the middle of 7th Avenue, in front of the railway depot.

The new town hall, built from granite bricks and sandstone cladding, was designed with an imposing bell tower and decorated with ornamental ornamental ornamental ornamental bars. The Caldwell Tribune described this grand entrance into the city in fiery terms: “The scene that will present itself to a person as he gets off the train will be the most beautiful in the city. The town hall will be. Recalls Trinity Hall, Boston. (2) Participation in the Hearing: The City of Caldwell may request at any time to amend the Canyon County Comprehensive Plan and/or Area By-law, as the City of Caldwell deems necessary and appropriate, and participates fully in the consultation process. Seizures from the City of Caldwell are not binding or controlling for Canyon County, but are treated as documentary evidence. . . .

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