University Of Idaho Consortium Agreement

Dual enrolment students (enrolled simultaneously at two institutions) must enter into a consortium agreement, so that financial aid is distributed among the institutions. Full information on the participation authorisation can be found in the consortium agreement form. In the “Student Certification” section on the form, you confirm that you meet the following criteria for the agreement: the following conditions must be met to qualify for a syndicated agreement: example: you earn 9 credits at Boise State (home institution) and 3 credits at the College of Western Idaho (host institution). With an approved consortium agreement, you are considered a full-time (12 credits) and you are entitled to a full-time stipend at Boise State. See the registration conditions for scholarships. Section I – To be completed by the guest student. Note that a consortium agreement only applies to one term. Section II – To be completed by the host institution. . .


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